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Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries 3 - by EBFan2000

Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries 3

Before I start my article, I would like to tell you to e-mail me with comments. Just make sure it is intelligent. Don't just say, "I think your article was stupid." If you think that way, please tell me why. Always justify your comments because that is the only way that I will get any better.

Now, with that out of my way, it is time for the third installment in the Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries series. In case you didn't know, this is the series where I touch up upon some of EB's most puzzling mysteries. I will describe it and give possible reasons.

Today's subject is the thing with the Tendas and Saturns. What could these mysterious creatures be? The are obviously not human, but they can speak English (or something resembling it). They do help in the game to, the Saturns do stuff such as helping build a time machine and letting you sleep for free, while the Tendas do things like moving rocks, and they let you sleep for free too. And that's another question, why do the give you free sleeping. And some of the items they sell are the strongest in the game. Which brings up another question. why do the Saturns have such good equipment.

Now here are some possible explanations:
1. The Tendas and Saturns are two alien races that came to earth to help Ness and friends to stop Giygas' invasion.
2. The Tendas and Saturns are just nice aliens. That would explain the free sleep part.
3. Finally, may be they where once Gigues henchmen, but they stopped being on his side because he was so evil.

Obviously this subject is very mysterious. And it is just one of..... .....Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries.

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