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Unexplainable Theories - by Fourside

Unexplainable Theories

Many theories and rumors have surfaced since the announcemnet of Mother 3 (EarthBound 64), some which sound true, and others which sound completly false. We all have theories and hopes of what will come in the next of the great RPG series, but few of us even try to explain what we think will come, so, today, I will come forward with some theories I have compiled over the past few months since the announcement of EarthBound 64.

My first theory is that Ness will be in this. Two reasons I believe this, first, he technically "was" in Mother 1 (EarthBound Zero), and if he was also "in" the sequal, Nintendo is basically "obligated" to have him in EB64. Second, he is the "chosen" one to protect the planet from evil forces, if he was the chosen one in the first and second parts of the series, he'll most likely be the chosen one in the third series.

My second theory is that EarthBound 64 will be the last of the great and marvelous EarthBound series. I believe this because so far, Nintendo has created a series for the average person, not about medevil or knights and stuff like that, but an RPG of the "common" world. Thus, this proves whatever point they were trying to prove, and RPG doesn't have to be about the great world of the past or future, and EarthBound has set the way for other RPGs like it.

And my third and final theory, EarthBound 64 will take place in Eagle Land. I have good reason to believe this because Ness is "from" there, and it wouldn't be EarthBound with out it taking place or at least starting fromthere. These are my theories, and maybe one day, sometime in the near future, we will soon find out, if these theories are correct. I will always have more theories about the EarthBound series, and the only way to know them, is to wait, until I can once again speak my mind. Thank you..

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