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Big, Juicy, Fat Apple Kid - by Fourside

Big, Juicy, Fat Apple Kid

What's the real story behind the one we know as Apple Kid? Is he just a kid that wants to be a famous scientist? Or were his actions in EarthBound also set by destiny? Well, that's what I am here today to explain, my beliefs and facts about the one, the only, Apple Kid! You first meet Apple Kid (if that's even his real name) in the small city of Twoson, near Burglin Park. His neighbor, Orange Kid, a fellow inventor, possible Apple Kid's rival. Apple Kid has a mouse, which seems very intellgent. And then you have his inventions, Pencil Eraser, Gorumet Yogurt Machine, Eraser Eraser, and of course, the Phase Distorter.

Orange Kid - Apple Kid's neighbor, likes oranges and the color orange. Wears glasses, and has, of course, orange hair. By the way he talks to you, when you first meet him, Apple Kid and him seem to be some sort of rivals. How long has this gone on? Or, what caused this? We might soon find out in EB64.

The Mouse - This small grey mouse you meet, has no name, he knows much, since he has a Cellular Phone, and also says his master is Apple Kid, in which that way, he is possibly very important to Apple Kid's life. A companion, maybe, a friend, most likely, an assistant, yes. You once meet this small quite mouse in the Lab in Winters, there, you find out Apple Kid has been kidnapped. Some things people have been wondering, is this the same mouse that was in the Fourside Department Store? He seemed to know that the lights were about to go out. Which that was helpful, just as a similar mouse was in Twoson, so, that leads to prove he is most likely the same.

Apple Kid's Inventions - There are two things that are very important to a inventor. One, education, because of course you can accomplish nothing without knowledge and education, and second, the other, is the inventors great and creative inventions. When you first meet this young scientist, he is in need of finance. You give him $200, and you find out you get more than your money's worth. His first invention, the Pencil Eraser, which magically removes those stubborn Pencil Statues. His second invention, the Gorumet Yogurt Maker, yes, it seems like a useless invention, which can only make trout flavored yogurt, but you soon find out it is better than it really is. The Eraser Eraser, the second step in Apple Kid's Eraser inventions, which gets rid of the soon to find out, Eraser Statue. And last, but not least, the Phase Distorter. This invention, in which he helps Jeff's father with, saves the day, and what does Apple Kid get in return? Graditude? Money? Fame? No, he gets the pride and honor of help saving the planet. Thank you...

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