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An Article a Day Keeps the Doctor Away - by Fourside

An Article a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

This small editorial today which you are reading, is a review over the attempts and efforts of the people that have written many great articles over the past months for I will go over three articles, "A Piece of Classic Literature?", "Eagleland Currency", and "Reflections of EarthBound"

A Piece of Classic Literature? - In this article, our friend, Boomerang, explained and described the classic and traditional "keys" to a great story. In it, he proved many points that relate great literature, and the game EarthBound for SNES. Because, without these key elements, could EarthBound be what it is? Or would it not be anything the similar? Maybe if it was different, it would be as liked as much as it is, or maybe it would be liked more than it truely is. This article is truely a good exposition into the great world of EarthBound.

Eagleland Currency - Ah, what more than to debate over that the money usage is outragous and ridiculous! How many times have you gotten to a hotel or hostpital, and not have any money? We've all been there, and we've always been angry and upset at how much we hated that. Crazed Sign was possibly one of the first to speak against this unreasonable of usage of money. He is truely a pioneer at this. Let's say, you need some HP, and you only had $13, and the Hamburger was $14, and you had no money in the ATM machine? What do you do? Go fight and get exp, but, you loose. And you have only one thing to do, blame it on the money.

And finally, Reflections of EarthBound - This is possibly one of the greatest articles on All of us know that when you listen to a certain song from the game, it makes you feel relazed, or even frightened. The Winds of Summers, the Jungle of the Lost Underworld, and the crickets of the night. Every song has the right mood for the setting. And no one could put it in the words as Ultimoo did. This article should belong in a catergory with other greats, as the the two I mentioned today.

Final Notes and Words - I will be doing a sequal on this article, because there are great writers and great articles, and the minds of who play EarthBound need to share their knowledge with the world around them. Thank you..

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