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Starmen Starmen Everywhere... - by Dark Starman

Starmen Starmen Everywhere...

The Starman. Yes some of the most coolest looking and popular characters in the game. But what is the mystery to these fellows? Mechanical are they not you say? Many people believe so. Then your friend replies, "If they're mechanical, how can they use PSI?" Yes but if they're not mechanical how can they have so many of them? Your friend then says, "Well I ... I ... I .... I don't know."

The question has haunted me ever since hearing of the Starman ...... How can they use PSI if they are mechanical? Sure most other mechanical creatures in EB can use PSI. But how can these as they call them "Starmen" use Psychic powers if it isn't real? I myself have come to several theories. Some of which are understandable, stupid, or just plain strange. So I'll post my top three reasons for the mechanical beings of EarthBound being able to use PSI.

1. The counter PSI machine. Stops PSI completely. Nobody really knows how it works. But this is an example of how PSI can be used (sort of) with a machine. Now the wonderful scientists at Giygas labs took a long time to perfect the machine. It then created a sort of PSI machine. This is obvious to most people.

2. Maybe they aren't machines. Maybe they are real living creatures. The could possibly be a race of Psychic beings who were slowly mind controlled by Giygas. And they reproduce very frequently. And 3. Maybe all enemies are just psychical illusions used by Giygas to try to stop Ness and Co. Think of it. You don't fight any enemies when Giygas dies. So why couldn't it be true? Stranger things have happened...... All in all I leave the decision up to you. Thank you for taking your time in reading my little piece of

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