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RPG Maker - by Dark Starman

RPG Maker

As some of you know ASCII made a game called RPG Maker. The game was never brought state side because of things like lack of funding etc... It's counterpart, Fighter Maker which is being published by Agetec. Will make its debut in a week or so.

Now back to RPG Maker. The game is amazing in many ways as: you don't need to know coding to make an amazing RPG, you can make your own music, battle system, dungeons, towns, cities, enemies, characters, weapons, armor. You get the point.

With the addition to the Dex Drive people can show their games online and post them for download for other people with the Dex Drive. Then being able to play the RPG on their own copy of RPG Maker. With this system people could be playing 10 to 15 new RPG's a month! What does this have to do with me you ask? Well put simply, people who know no coding whatsoever but love EB could make their own Earth Bound game! Ah then comes the one of my favorite parts . Giygas stated that he is worrying that EB 64 will rely on graphics and not great gameplay and music. But in RPG maker. It doesn't have Zelda type graphics. So god knows we could be making RPG's out of fanfics!

But the game isn't out in the US. Who knows it might never come out here (then I learn Japanese) but to help. Show support for Fighter Maker. You don't have to buy it even. Try to rent it a few times. E-mail Agetec This is another game that will only come out with your support. Who knows maybe some people won't want to make their own RPG's. I know I would. So if you like my idea please e-mail me. Thank you for reading my article.

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