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Taxi Inspiration - by Daveman

Taxi Inspiration

You may not have known this, but I have been an article writer for since August. Why, then, have I not written anything? Quite simply, I have been on vacation. reid's a sucker, just ask for a vacation and he'll give it to you. (I hope he didn't read that.)

I went on vacation because one of my best friends moved away, so I needed a little time to regroup and spend some time with her before she moved. Other events played a factor, as well. It was well worth it. Now that all of my problems are pretty well solved, I'll be back and writing.

So, I was just thinking, what should I write about? I mean, what should I write about involving EarthBound? My creative wells kind of were running dry, and then it hit me. It was a big yellow taxi.

Seriously folks, what is up with that? How could a taxi turn to evil? It's a machine, for crying out loud! I mean, when a big evil conquering force arrives, say when the apocalypse comes, I doubt that the big evil head cheese will find some taxi to run a good guy over with, more likely he'd find some shmuck to load up his M-16 and blow the good guys away.

But then again, that's kind of what EarthBound is like. It's not meant to be taken too literally. To do so would be to sacrifice the gift!

Life is kind of like that, you know. You can't take it too literally, or you're in for some big trouble. When the apcoalypse comes, you can sure bet I'll be laughing. So laugh--your life depends on it!

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