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What Makes Earthbound Good - by Panama Jack

What Makes Earthbound Good

The other day I was surfing the WEB looking for info on Earthbound when my friend John came up to me and asked, "Why do you think Earthbound is so great?" Instantly, millions of ideas popped into my mind. Earthbound was creative, funny, original, and a great game to play. Of course John was convinced that this game was pretty good after I lectured him for about twenty minutes, and he wanted to know where he could rent a copy. At that moment, I realized how much I enjoy playing Earthbound. This article is dedicated to all those people who like playing Earthbound as much as I do.

What makes a game good? The question that has baffled game creators since the dawn of gaming. In my opinion a game needs good plot, memorable characters, a bit of humour, and enough of a challenge to keep you at it for a while. Earthbound has all of these. The plot (save the world from aliens) is classic and simple enough so that the player doesn't get confused. The characters are basically just normal kids with quirks and abilities that only they have. They make sense too. I would assume that a normal kid would use something simple as a weapon such as a baseball bat. Also, this is one of the only RPG's out there in which at least one of the characters can use heavy explosives. Earthbound's humour, although unusual, is quite entertaining. I would have never expected short, nose-shaped people to live in a valley north of Threed or little green blob things to live underground with dinosaurs. Also, who could forget such classic lines as "I haven't bathed in a while so I might be kind of stinky"-Apple Kid, or "All you've got to lose is your life and you got that for free!"-Sailor. Finally, Earthbound also puts up enough of a challenge to keep you busy for quite a while. For instance, such dungeons as the Starman Cave and Peaceful Rest Valley are death traps that could challenge even the experienced gamer.

In conclusion, Earthbound is a RPG that will probably be around for ever. Its humour is un-rivaled and its gameplay is some of the best in the world.

This game is a definite classic.

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