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Ramblings of sTiNkY_gHoSt - by sTiNkY_gHoSt

Ramblings of sTiNkY_gHoSt

I would easily say that I'm very much a newbie to the whole community. About 6 or 7 months ago, I was looking to download some tunes from EB, and lo and behold, I end up at At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the immensity of this site, and how dedicated people still were to this game, which I considered myself. Gradually, I started to spend more and more time here, even though I had many more important things to do (i.e., college classes, bill paying). But I was once again drawn to the game, which had a great impact on my life, no matter how pathetic that may sound. Yet I was captivated, and I sat for hours viewing flukes, fan art, fanfics, and so forth. After a while, I got into the forum, going under the pseudonym "sTiNkY_gHoSt" and posting as many topics and replies as I could. I was ecstatic to find someone had posted to one of my topics, agreeing or disagreeing. I started to explore EB all over again, noticing things I had read about at It had opened up a whole new dimension to the game, and I let myself be carried away by it. I found my old EB box, which adorns the top of my TV once again. I dug up the Mach Pizza air 'freshener I had won sending in the correct scratch-and-sniff answer (don't we all remember those?), and resurrected the scratch-and-sniff cards themselves.

At this point, this article may seem to have no point. I'm currently a 19 year old, unemployed, college drop-out. And still I visit this site, and I still play the game. Maybe this has all been said before, and, if so, I'm saying it again. This game held my imagination hostage for years, and with this site, it still does. I suppose iI felt that since I visit the site so much, I just wanted to put my two cents in and have my voice heard among all the others. I guess, in that way, this article does hava point. And I hope that we can all remember the magic of EB, and not let it die.

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