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Massive Damage Duster - by avroillusion

Massive Damage Duster

Giant Enemy Crab always sounded like an enemy out of Earthbound to me. I tried to make it all pigmask-y and look like it was flipped over and junk.

Other Submissions by avroillusion

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avroillusion Commander
New art style. Let his robo eyes sear themselves into your mind.
7/26/10 8.00
avroillusion PK Love
Part of what I think Lucas's special attack would look like.
12/15/09 0.00
avroillusion Picture Day
A very nicely dressed little monster.
10/12/09 0.00
avroillusion My Town as a Prison
He knew was a fool, waiting for a dead person. He wanted to run. Away from the town. Away the rumours and the gossip and their pitying eyes. He wanted to run after his brother, whom he should have followed all those years ago. He wanted to scream:
“Where are you now, Claus?”
But he knew that the only answer he would get was the sound of the wind blowing through the dry grass, so he didn’t try.
8/13/09 0.00
avroillusion Sleepy Chimmie
The Ultimate Chimera takes a nappy.
8/13/09 8.00


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