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Saturnbucks Coffee! - by NorthofOnett

Saturnbucks Coffee!

I got inspiration from someone else on here who made a [super small] logo with the Mr. Saturn Sprite on it.
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Other Submissions by NorthofOnett

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NorthofOnett Theory - You can never trust a mayor
For this week's theory contest: "Why did the Onett Police Force try to brutally take down Ness? He's a 12 year old kid! That's pretty messed up! What could possibly be the reason behind this?"
3/28/12 0.00
NorthofOnett Theory - What happened in the Mother 3 building of Fourside
Why Mother 3 really got delayed...
4/25/12 0.00
NorthofOnett The Final (EarthBound) Needle
This is what happens when you cross-reference Mother games.
5/19/12 0.00
NorthofOnett The Bond Between Ness and his Father
Explaining the random gift boxes, the curious Photoman, and the enigma of Ness's dad..
3/8/12 0.00
NorthofOnett Tenda Conspirator
Those evil Tendas could never be trusted...
5/18/12 0.00


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