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The Truth Behind Onett's Political System - by AmateurGamer

The Truth Behind Onett's Political System

Why did the Onett Police Force try to take out Ness? It’s simple, really. I mean, we all know who the real culprits were all along, did we not? That’s right, Aloysius and Lardna Minch! It may seem a little crazy at first, but consider these particular lines:

First off, if you enter the Minch house during your first investigation of the meteorite incident, you can talk to Picky. He will mention that his parents are currently in town, leaving him and Pokey at home. Now, what could Aloysius and Lardna possibly be doing during a visit to town in the middle of the night? Sounds pretty suspicious, eh? To further add to this suspicion, Aloysius also mentions that he is tired of Ness and his family living next door, as well as implies that he has loaned Ness’s family a lot of money, and is tired of it.

Interesting… So, we know that the Minch family, or at the very least Aloysius, definitely wanted Ness and his family out of the picture. And they also took a secret visit to town, that very night before Ness was attacked by Captain Strong and his squad! Therefore, I believe it is safe to say that Aloysius could have possibly made a “corrupt bargain” of sorts, with the neighborhood crooked politician, who we know as none other than B.H. Pirkle! Think about it: In exchange for votes, money, or perhaps a combination of both, Aloysius Minch convinced the shady mayor of Onett to have the Police Force come after Ness, in a horrifying attempt to get rid of him, once and for all. The whole “Giant Step and destroyed Entertainer’s shack” thing was just a set-up to make it look like an accident, or perhaps blame the incident on the Sharks; that’s why Pirkle had the key to the shack in the first place! Now, my friend, you know the truth about the inner workings of politics.


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