EarthBound Tag Online:

EarthBound Tag Online

Submitter - darklink570

Description - Online game where you and up to 7 others can play tag as Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo. Hide and seek with 11 different abilities and items that help you evade your pursuers or catch your prey.

Content - Install and then connect to a running server with friends to start the fun.



Submitter - spaanoft

Description - EB Lite is a short but quite entertaining side-scroller full of secret codes and characters. And you get to hit things with a bat!

Content - Avoid enemies and attack using PSI or your bat/frying pan as you move through the stage to defeat the boss awaiting you at the end. Collect food for more HP.

Eventide Assault:

Eventide Assault

Submitter - Mooo

Description - Eventide Assault is a 2D shooter made for Halloween Funfest '03. It takes place in Onett on the night of Halloween. Playing as Ness in his Shark costume, you will use various weapons, such as eggs, exploding jack-o-lanters, and PSI attacks. Also, you will drive a van and the Frankeystein Mark III. Fight alongside allies like Carpainter and Frank to stop Pokey's plans.

Content - A nifty game with various modes of play that utilizes both the keyboard and the mouse.



Submitter - EvilGiegue

Description - Not to be confused with the Funfest Version, this is a new, full-length action game using a completely remade engine. It improves on it in every way, featuring more levels, bosses, enemies and playable characters, not to mention better controls and gameplay.

Rescue the Runaway Five and help them save Venus before she is turned into a mindless zombie drone by Master Belch and his horde of music-hating undead

Content - A "The Legend of Zelda" type game. Swing your weapons to destroy baddies or use a limited amount of projectile ammo as you maneuver through the levels.

MOTHER 2 EB Racers:

MOTHER 2 EB Racers

Submitter - Ness

Description - A remake of Sk8Punk's "EB Racers" game, recreated by FrankFlyNess.

Content - A straightforward racing game created in RPG Maker 2000.

Seek and Tag:

Seek and Tag

Submitter - spaanoft

Description - The first online EarthBound fan game! Download the game and connect to anyone running a SeekTag server! Run around, tag other people, chat, or hide in buildings. All online!

Content - Another online tag game.

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