Please submit all programs here.

--- Rules & Guidelines ---
  • Must be EarthBound/MOTHER related. This is the realm of fan-art, thus all programs must be related to the EarthBound/MOTHER series in some encompassing way.

  • Submit correctly and accurately. Make sure you're submitting to the "Fan Games / Apps" section and uploading the correct file. Simple enough, right?

  • No extremely large file sizes. Do not send anything that exceeds 50MB. Contact someone if you need help in making it smaller or coming up with some sort of alternative.

  • Properly name all files. Not only will this help in organizing the submissions but it will help you with your project. Stay away from generic names, instead make it simple enough to be recognized but specific enough to stand apart.

  • Debug and test all programs before submitting. Debug your program for all it's worth. Have a friend or two lend a hand in trying to break it, you never know what sort of bugs snuck in.

  • Include a brief description of your project. This lets anyone browsing the programs know what the gist of your project is. Be sure to fill in that description box!

  • No malicious code! Do NOT send viruses, worms, or any other harmful programs.

  • Keep things mature. There's a time and place for everything, just use your head and refrain from submitting anything that would be considered vastly offensive or derogatory.
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