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Starter Kits:

Capn Muffin's EarthBound Starter Kit (LOGO HERE)

An RPG Maker XP project that's designed to have all of the ground work concerning an EarthBound fangame done for you... Such as basic systems, tools, and resource libraries all sprinkled with helpful comments as well as guides to editing it for your own purposes.




Follow the development of the EBSK in the official thread.

Programs - tools, patches, utilities:

RPG Maker XP - A nifty program made for creating RPG's, though it has many other uses.

Game Maker - This program is very versatile and popular.

Visual - sprites, pictures, animations:

Gaming World - Graphics and other goodies specifically tailored for RPG Maker.

Sprite Database - Massive library of game sprites.

The People's Sprites - Numerous ripped and custom sprite sheets as well as other game images.

Charas Project - Database of various RPG Maker resources.

Audio - music, sound FX, midis:

A1 Free Sound Effects - Free sound effect downloads.

PacDV - Various categories of sound files.

Absolute Sound Effects Archive - Numerous audio files at your disposal.

Video Game Music Archive - A vast library of VG midi.

Forums - Q&A, requests, critique:

Gaming World Forums - Game development discussions and help on various programs such as Game Maker and RPG Maker.

Wrox Forums - Boards dedicated to various forms of programming code.

GameDev.Net Discussion Forums - Center for anyone from beginner to expert game developers.



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