EarthBound: Destinies:

EarthBound: Destinies

Submitter - TreLantana

Description - Made by TreLantana. Redone. New update, etc.

Content - A RPG Maker created EarthBound game.

(no screen shots available)

EarthBound Tabletop RPG:

EarthBound Tabletop RPG

Submitter - SSTwistoffate

Description - Giant EB-based tabletop RPG. Comes with everything but the 20-sided die!

Content - Download the info and start roleplaying in the world of MOTHER.

(no screen shots available)

MOTHER 3 and a Third:

MOTHER 3 and a Third

Submitter - Secret00A

Description - Giygas is back for a second time and you must find an item to help defeat him once and for all.

Content - An EarthBound sequel made in RPG Maker 2000.

(no screen shots available)

Ness' Legacy:

Ness' Legacy

Submitter - Scalding Cup of Coffee

Description - The sequel to Earthbound! Get ready for new characters, PSI, towns, enemies, and a new story.

Content - Another fan sequel to EarthBound, RPG style.

(no screen shots available)



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