Broken Slot Machine:

Broken Slot Machine

Submitter - DiabloW

Description - A very simple, fun and really annoying minigame from EarthBound. Remember the Sanchos Brothers and their friend in Dusty Dunes Desert? Well here they are! Now you can play slots anytime, without fear of getting sunstroke :)

Content - executable

Dusty Slots:

Dusty Slots

Submitter - The Dave

Description - I'm a broken slot machine... But the Sanchez Brothers and their friend are a very cheerful trio... They will make you happy. Would you like to insert a buck? The classic trio are back! With quirky going-ons on the road! How much cash can you get this thing to dispense?! The program has been zipped for your convenience.

Content - zipped executable

EarthBoundX Demo #9:

EarthBoundX Demo #9

Submitter - Tomato

Description - EarthBoundX is an Arkanoid/EB hybrid.

Content - Keep Ness in play by bouncing him back into the enemies. Stronger enemies take multiple hits.

(screen shots coming soon)

EB Badges Pack:

EB Badges Pack

Submitter - Mr-Saturnman

Description - An interesting series of games where you need to search different places found throughout EarthBound for items to continue. Very challenging with lots of places to go and lots of things to click. More work being done on the series too!

Content - (N/A)

(no screen shots available)

EB Pong:

EB Pong

Submitter - kapong kandqofc

Description - An EarthBound-like Pong game!

Content - A standard Pong clone.

(no screen shots available)



Submitter - spaanoft

Description - It's sort of like one-player pong with yourself!

Content - Controls set up to play yourself, if you so choose.

(no screen shots available)

PSI Repel:

PSI Repel

Submitter - Tokage

Description - An interesting game in which you have to stay alive by preventing different PSI spells - PSI Thunder, PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, and PSI Starstorm - from hitting the bottom by clicking them as they fall. It's not as easy as it sounds though...

Content - (N/A)

(no screen shots available)



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