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EB Siege - Donation Drive!:

The most ambitious part of the Siege is a project Jonk has been quietly working on in the background -- we'll call it the uberSiege Project. We want to keep it a secret until after it has been launched; unfortunately, it will require lots of money to launch.

So, we need some cash, and since we can't just phone it in we're asking you guys for help. Although we admit that it would be pretty fun to bother some Japanese businessmen until they gave us the money, we think we've come up with some good incentives:

  • All donors will receive access to a secret forum where they can see some previews of the uberSiege project, as well as some other previews/news.
  • Donors who send in $25 or more can request a Starmen.Net Keychain, or several keychains if you donate more than $25 (i.e. if you donate $75, you can request 3 chains)

The Goal:

Our lofty goal:
$7,416.55 raised in two weeks!

The donation drive is over (meaning you can't get a keychain anymore, sorry!), but you can still donate to the cause:

Donation FAQ:

Is there a deadline for this donation drive?
Yes -- July 3 at midnight!
Can I get a keychain if I donate after July 3?
Can I still get a keychain even after the donation drive passes $2,500?
Yes, as long as you donate by July 3. I'm going to order at least 100 keychains, maybe 200, depending on how many donations we get by July 3.
You guys look like you've collected lots of money you really need my donation?
Yes. Due to the way we're pulling off our big uberProject stunt, the more money we have, the more effective it will be. I set the bar at $2,500 because it seemed reasonable, but I've been truly blown away by the response so far -- I wish I could raise it to $3,000 or $3,500, but oh well :)
Do I get anything besides access to the secret forum (and a keychain, if I donate $25+)?
Yup! You can check out the Donations Page for more information about what you get for your donation. The keychain and the forum access are both on top of what every donor normally gets.
I donated in the past...can I donate less than $25 and still get a keychain? Or will you just give me one?
If you make a donation of at least $10 or $20 I might -- depends on how much you donated in the past, and how long ago it was. If we're talking, like, a few months (or even years) ago, then sure. But if you haven't donated since 2001, or you've only donated like $5, then I'm probably going to make you cough up the full price of admission ;)
Can I send something other than US dollars?
Nope! But Paypal does automatic conversions, so give that a shot.
Can I send a check/money order?
Yup! You can find my address on the Donations Page, but here it is again for good measure:

Reid Young
6244-A E Fairmount
Tucson, AZ 85712

If you're writing a check, make it out to Reid Young.
Does Fundable kinda suck?
Yes. We stopped using them and switched to Paypal. If you had problems with your Fundable donation, please contact me so I can bust some kneecaps.



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