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The EarthBound Fans' Last Stand:

Nintendo has ignored EarthBound fans for over a decade. It's time for us to make our final stand, and not with a petition. Each of us is personally communicating with Nintendo -- sending letters, drawing artwork, and talking with them in person, on the phone. Will they finally recognize us, or is this the end of the line? You, the person reading this, will help determine the fate of MOTHER 3. You will determine whether EarthBound and MOTHER ever see the light of day in America (and beyond) ever again.

The ways to Siege:

  • Call up a Nintendo Rep! Call 1-800-255-3700 - then hit 0 from Mon-Sat, 6AM-9PM PST. Tell them you want the MOTHER series in English, but be nice about it!
  • Mail Nintendo a Postcard! Choose from over 100 postcards, print it out, write a message, and mail it! The postcards feature art from the Mother series and our own fan artists.
  • Envelope Art Attack! Draw something EarthBound-related and mail it to Jonk. All envelope art will be delivered to Nintendo Power in person!
  • Donate to Starmen.Net! Donors get access to a secret forum and a SMAAAASH project preview! Donors who send $25 or more get a Starmen.Net Keychain :O

AWESOME Inspiration:

Illustrashawn, one of the site's most talented artists, made this piece for a project that we are working on as a special part of EB SIEGE. The intense detail and pure skill that is living within this stunning piece is absolutely amazing. This artwork was so awesome, I wanted to share it with everyone! Download the The Chosen 4 - Fan-Sized image (wallpaper it maybe? :D) and hopefully this will help inspire for the EB SIEGE! Plus we will be giving out sweet forum badges for those that submit entries into EB SIEGE so stay tuned for that!



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