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Welcome to the EarthBound Database

EBDB, the EarthBound Database, is a project started to catalog various categories from EarthBound.

Note that in all details pages, it is assumed for the descriptions that the default names (Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo), default pet (King), default food (Steak), and default favorite thing (Rockin) were used.

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Statistics for all the enemies.

Details about all items from the game.

Information on psychic abilities.

Shops, stores, vendors, and basically anywhere else you can buy items in the game.


The credits are getting too big for the front page, so I've moved them to their own credits page.

Ideas for Future Releases

  • Location details
  • Player character details (spells, starting items, etc.)
  • More details on enemy groups
    • Locations and frequency of appearance
    • Battle strategies to use against particular groups
  • Add indication of whether an item can be given away and/or sold on the items details pages
  • If an item isn't sold, the buy price doesn't need to be displayed
  • Enemy death actions
  • Levels information
  • Cost per HP or PP in food items
  • Add sort functionality to most item category pages
  • Ability for people to post comments about enemies/items/etc. This could be more difficult to maintain as it would require moderation.
  • Details for Poo's recovery with food items
  • Area maps to show where the gift boxes are
  • Specialized lists, like 1/128 items, etc.
  • If an enemy is called to a battle, it should show up as being available in that location.
  • Indicate chance of mirror success against enemies. (Suggested by Ninten1 - 01 Mar 2007)
  • Internet Explorer Fixes
    • Make select box on enemies and items pages redirect on select work in IE
    • Fix gift box column width on item details pages so IE displays it correctly

Version History

EBDB 1.1 (Dec 23, 2006)

  • Added enemy sprites
  • Corrected some PSI resistance and effectiveness data
  • Replaced old non-working email address on error pages with a link to the forum PM system

EBDB 1.0 (Apr 05, 2005)

  • EBDB merged into Starmen.Net

EBDB 0.2 (Dec 11, 2004)

  • Added basic search functionality

EBDB 0.1.3 (Dec 4, 2004)

  • Added battle strategies to enemy details pages
  • Miscellaneous data correction

EBDB 0.1.2 (Oct 10, 2004)

  • Added basic enemy grouping information to enemy details pages
  • Modified subheadings on enemy details pages to include enemy name
  • Added lists of enemies that could use particular PSI powers under appropriate PSI details pages
  • Miscellaneous data correction

EBDB 0.1.1 (Sep 18, 2004)

  • Added enemy attacks information to enemy details pages
  • Miscellaneous data correction

EBDB 0.1 (Sep 05, 2004)

  • Item listing and detail pages
  • Enemy listing and detail pages
  • Shop listing and detail pages
  • PSI listing and detail pages



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