Enemy, Boss, and Battle Guides:

Icon Enemy FAQ by B00664
One long list containing all the enemies in EarthBound, and their HP, PP, Offense, Defense and Speed.

Icon Battle and Enemy Guide by CyricZ
The ultimate battle and enemy guide! Look no further for indepth information on enemies and battle item that you will find nowhere else!

Icon Boss FAQ by Paul Kuliniewicz
A guide telling you how to defeat all of the main bosses in EarthBound. It tells you their HP, PP, shields, and weaknesses.

Icon The Guide to Beating Gigyas by Cecil
A complete guide that details the final battle, along with sure-fire methods of winning.

PSI Guides:

Icon PSI FAQ by DMorgan
Everything you ever wanted to know about PSI in EarthBound. Divided into offense, recover and assist for easy reference.

Icon PSI Guide by EB Ranger
Tells you what PSI commands you get at what levels.

Icon PSI Guide by Picky
This is a chart of all the PSI powers in EarthBound.

Icon EB PSI and Enemy Guide by Svbman
Tells you all about everyone's PSI and has a few enemies with their stats.

Item Guides:

Icon Items Guide by kindarspirit
An incomplete guide that gives all major and minor info about every item.

Icon Shopping Trolley by SaturnStorm
A FAQ on what is sold where in EarthBound.

Icon Defense Items by Picky
This is a chart of all the defensive items in EarthBound.

Icon Weapon List by Picky
This is a chart of all the weapons in EarthBound.

Icon T-Rex's Bat Guide by Ninten1
How to get the T-Rex bat with Jeff in under an hour. Prepare to kick yourself.

Icon Enemy Item Guide v2.0 by SimonBob
Lists the items that the enemies drop.

Icon Food FAQ by Tentomon
Lists all the food available in EarthBound with accompanying information, the best food, and a mini-walkthrough.


Icon The Butterfly Trick by Aquas
Tells you how to make those magic butterflies keep on re-appearing. A relatively simple trick.

Icon Rock Candy Trick by Artemis251
A detailed guide to using the Rock Candy trick to maximize your stats! Its also fun to amaze your friends. :D

Dusty Dunes Desert EXP Trick by MagicCakeIsGood
By reading this you can gain over 30 levels in a measly 3 hours! Make sure to get green swirls though!

Scaraba EXP Trick by Tomato
Quickly earn tons of experience without fighting! Gain even more experience than the Dusty Dunes trick!

Icon Starman Trick by guruzeth
This trick might help you get the rare Sword of Kings and keep your sanity in the Stonehenge Base. Green swirls, ahoy!

Walk Through Walls by Mars
Very, very cool trick that uses a Game Genie code to let you walk through walls and do stuff you normally couldn't do! Including mess up the game!

Walk Through Walls 2 by Mars
An updated Walk Through Walls guide. More detailed than the previous version.

Icon EB Debug Menu by Daryel Bush
This tells you how to get to the debug menu, which lets you change whatever you want in the game! It is very very detailed.

Icon Pro-Action Replay Codes by Jarel Jones
Pro-Action Replay codes to boost your character's stats.

Icon Cool Uses for the Multitask Code by Oji Mamoru
Read this to do some weird stuff in EarthBound.

Miscellaneous Guides:

Icon Level/Stat Chart by Floogal
A thorough listing of all possible stats available at every level, as well as an experience table.

Icon Photoman Locations by Eggy
A listing of the Photoman locations. Fuzzy Pickles!

Icon Money & EXP From Enemies by EvilGiegue
Lists the amount of experience and money you get from each enemy. A very useful guide.

Icon Magic Truffle Locations by Shy
This map highlights all the locations of the Magic Truffles in Deep Darkness.

Icon Prayer Commands FAQ by guruzeth
A more accurate prayer FAQ that corrects the player's guide mistakes, with more in-depth descriptions.

Icon Prayer Commands FAQ (2) by StarmanSKS
This FAQ describes all the prayer commands as you would read them in the player's guide.

Icon Ending FAQ by chuggaaconroy
Describes the changes made to the game after Giygas is defeated. Contains a lot of good, widely unknown information.

Icon EB GG/PAR Codes FAQ by MogOfGlory
A very thorough listing of all the Game Genie and Pro Action Replay codes useable in EarthBound.

Icon EarthBound Names Jokes by Jakob Dorof
A humorous and logical view about the naming of places in EarthBound.

Hint Man Guide by guybrush359
This is a list of the hints that can be purchased at the Hint Shops found troughout Earthbound.



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