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Nintendo's Demise? - by Anthony Meier

Nintendo's Demise?

Ok, everybody knows about Nintendo's mass delays of Earthbound 64, so I won't go into that. And a lot of people now about Nintendo's all around slowing down of games being released, but few people see what I have seen through Nintendo's delays...The complete and utter demise of the console gaming industry. But, don't worry; I'll slow down and explain.

Many of Nintendo's games that are constantly delayed come out looking pretty good; about what we expected; what we've been waiting for. But, there's always the exception. Take Mission Impossible for example. Now, this game was delayed for what, 2, 3 years? That's almost as much time as it took to make Zelda 64. Zelda had good graphics, fun and gameplay, but in that same amount of time, The creators of MI were busy rewriting the game, and basically screwing around for all those years. The end result was a poor quality game, limited in fun, reply value, and, the graphics weren't that good, either. But, like the faithful gamers we are, we waited patiently for it to come out, thinking the extra time would make a better game. We were wrong.

This hurt Nintendo's "quality over quantity" vision, and made myself and others look harder for a good, solid game past all the hype, which is probably even now causing some profit reduction for Nintendo. I do not think that MI will be the final example of this great dissappointment. Anyway, as Nintendo's games become fewer and fewer do to spending more time on each and having the same amount of "resources" as employees are called, less game will be released for N64, and "Project Dolphin", whenever that comes out. Already this is becoming evident, and Nintendo is relying on Game Boy Color more and more for quick, easy money. A video game company cannot rely on a portable system as a main source of income, as Nintendo is beginning to do.

Here's where the "Console system demise" theory starts. Once GBC's magic wears off, Nintendo will no longer have a quicksource of income. Less and less games will come from Nintendo of Japan to America, until Nintendo of America fades out and closes shop. Soon after, Nintendo of Japan will follow suit, and fade away. Now, since Nintendo has, for almost all of the "video game era", been the so-called "support beam" of console systems, this will be a major blow to the video game community, and a major advantage for Sony, who will still be the only real competition Nintendo has, (or by then, had) as they can now charge whatever they want for games and thier system.

No need for Sony to be competetive in a near-monopoly. Sony will jack up prices to ridiculous highs, and small companies will spring up until Sony pulls themselves out of the market from lack of sales. When Sony pulls out, the smaller companies will be discouraged, and will pull themselves out of the market as well, leaving it dried up, withered, and dead. And, that will be the end of it. No one is going to make such a bold step to go into a dead market unless they feel themselves incredibly skilled, or lucky. And if they do, let's hope they base themselves in America.

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