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Ness (Truly) Saves the Day - by Anthony Meier

Ness (Truly) Saves the Day

Here's a little story I heard that made me stop and think. I got this off some webpage and I'll try and find the link again. This is NOT the actual article, but a retelling. The original author is unknown.

A few years ago, in 1993, a man was sent to prison on charges of drug possession. He was "in the slammer" for 2 years. When the man got out, he immediately went back to the same dealer who he had purchased from before. However, in the old, abandoned building where the dealer usually was at, there was a new set of stores, one being a small game store. The man went into the store, and looked around. He saw the Super Nintendo System on display, and decided to play it while he thought about what to do. While playing, he forgot about drugs, and went deep into the game. He decided to buy the SNES, along with a few games, one of which was Earthbound. An article written about the man later contained this quote by him, "I truly believe video games have changed my life," and, he also in the same article stated how Earthbound was the single most influential game he bought. "It just pokes fun at everything. I found myself laughing for the first time, without being 'high' in 8 years." The man is now a successful businessman, who still takes time out for video games.

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