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Sprites? Polygons? - by Anthony Meier

Sprites? Polygons?

The other day, I was playing Final Fantasy 7 for the 3rd time when I began thinking, "What makes this a Final Fantasy game?" I thought about this for a while, then asked myself why I should think it's not a FF game, and went back to playing. But it wasn't until I stopped playing the game and actually thought about it that I realized why I had felt Final Fantasy 7 didn't feel like any of the other games in the series, and I'll tell you why. It was because it was polygon based. Searching farther into the subject which now intrigued me, I compared and contrasted many other polygon-based games to their sprite-based sequels, and I made this list:

Game feels different
Gameplay has lost it's soul in the polygon game
Graphics become the driving factor of polygon games

Game has same title with different number

Now, with this list, I could finally see that Polygon based games were infirior to sprite based games in terms of fun and gameplay, mainly in RPGs. I feel that the same fate will befall Earthbound 64, and it's already beginning to happen. If you notice from screenshots, it seems that EB64 has lost its' modern setting that was one of the reasons it was quite as popular. In addition, many other things seem to have changed the overall look of the game. If it was a sprite based game, EB64 would:

A) Have been released
B) Have failed due to "infirior" graphics
C) Have been many times the size that it will be as a polygon based game

I hope you understand my point about such things and how they will affect EB64. In short, I expect to be dissappointed by Earthbound 64, and, if you think about it, that makes it VERY bad. If you have questions about my theory, email me at [email protected] Thanks for your time.

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