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Article Milestone - by EBFan2000

Article Milestone

Wow! Who would have thought that I would have made it this far. In case you didn't know what I am talking about this is my tenth article. Now, in this article I will summarize my nine articles to this point, in case you haven't read them. And to those who haven't read them, I suggest you do. Anyway, here are my summaries:

What's the Deal with EB64: This was my very first article. In this article, I talk about my gripes with all of the delays of Earthbound 64.

Earthbound: The Movie: In this article I share my idea about an Earthbound movie (hence the name).

Pokebound: In this article, I list similarities between Earthbound and Pokemon. This similarities are about things like characters, cities, and gameplay.

Earthbound: The Movie Part 2: No this movie isn't about a sequel to the Earthbound movie. It just tells you how we could possibly get it.

Is Prequel the Way to Go: This article says why it is imperative that EB0 comes out on GBC. I also recommended that everyone signed the Mother on GBC petition (if you didn't yet, it is to late).

Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries: In this article I ask this question: is it a coincidence that the Mani Mani statue is always found somewhere near where Pokey is found?

Earthbound's Greatest Mysteries 2: In this article I ask the question: Why do none of the boys in the game have both parents?

Crazy Game Ideas: In this article I tell about three video game ideas using Earthbound stuff. The names of the games are Earthbound Smash Brothers, Earthbound Racer, and Earthbound party.

The Fate of Earthbound: In this article I say how EB0 could save Earthbound 64 if it is ever put on GBC.

I hope that everyone has liked my articles to this point. And let me assure you that there are many articles written by me to come in the future.

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