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The EarthBound Files #1 - by Drums 239

The EarthBound Files #1

Everybody who has ever played Earthbond is familiar with the meteor that started Ness' adventure. This meteorite, is it just a fluke that it landed on the night that Buzz Buzz would reveal to him his destiny, or was this really an interdimensional craft that Buzz Buzz used to get to Earth? Me and my "associates" that it is really a futuristic space ship used by Buzz Buzz.

Reason 1: When Buzz Buzz appears, he comes from a light being emitted from the meteor. Perhaps a "hatch" of some kind.

Reason 2: If ever you return to Onett during your adventure and visit the meteor, you find that the meteor is still hot and small fires are still all over the place. Perhaps caused by a futuristic feul sorce used by this ship that burns forever.

Reason 3: The meteor landed in an ideal position. It landed in a clearing at the top of a mountain. I think that the position was a little too planned with all those houses and buildings and trees all around. A little conspicuos if you ask me.

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