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The EarthBound Files #3 - by Drums 239

The EarthBound Files #3

Lier X Agerate, an international man of mystery? Who knows what lies beneath the grunt exterior of this man. No one knows much about this man's past, or for that matter, no one really cared. But this man's role could be more important than you think.

The only known job of his is a bill board maker. He is also known to look at bill boards and say, I quote, "MONEYMONEYMONEY!" You only see him preform one side job as a treasure hunter.

One look at the inside of his house screams out SLOB! Holes in the floor, untidy bed, and just a plain mess everywhere. He even turned his own home into a treasure dig. Unfortunately for Ness, the treasure dig under his house turned up an evil Mani Mani statue.

Now we know Giygas had some involvement with the Mani Mani statues. Perhaps using his time travel devices, he went back in time and placed the Mani Mani statue under Lier X Agerates house, knowing he was a treasure hunter, and just waited for him to dig it up, then sell it to some unknown man.

Who was this man that bought the Mani Mani statue off of Lier X. Perhaps if Lier X never found this statue things would have been different for Ness and crew. I'll let you decide.

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