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The EarthBound Files #2 - by Drums 239

The EarthBound Files #2

Pokey is known by all Earthbound players as the annoying, pudgy, and twisted nemisis of Ness. How did it come to be that Ness and Pokey became such horrible enemys?

In the beginning of the adventure every one says that Ness is friends with Pokey. He is even nice enough to help Pokey locate his younger brother Pickey when he goes missing. After Ness help the boys return home safely, he get the 1st degree from their father. Now was it the influence of his own father that led Pokey to hate Ness so much?

The next time Ness come in contact with Pokey is in Happy Happy Village where he turns out to be on the bad side. Did Giygas influence Pokey to turn over a new leaf and join his crew, perhaps to get a closer look at Ness and the entire human race?

Early on, Lier X Agerate digs up a Mani Mani statue in Onett. Mani Mani statues are known for messing with people's minds and bringing out their worst evils. Could the Mani Mani statue found in Onett have influenced Pokey, bringing on this searing hate for Ness.

Or maybe it was pure greed that made Pokey switch sides. Giygas offering great power and wealth to Pokey in exchange for his assistence? You be the judge.

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