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The EarthBound Files #4 - by Drums 239

The EarthBound Files #4

The Sharks are the notorious street gang of Onett. Feared by many townsfolk, they take advantage of the panic and terrorize good citizens. They dress up in wierd skeleton like costumes and other wierd getups and patrol the streets surounding the arcade. They have claimed the arcade and no one is able to get in.

Their leader, Frank, has a rough exterior. The mean boss of the sharks seems rutheless. But underneath lies many secrets. First of all, he could have obtained the leadership of the sharks by using his powerful machine, the Frankystein Mark II.

Maybe he doesn't believe in the shark cause. He doesn't wear the wierd clothing like the rest of the sharks do. He isn't out on the street with his gang either, helping terrorize the people.

Another reason that makes him the unlikely leader of the sharks is perhaps his invention. No normal street thug could whip up a machine like the Frankystein. You have to be a real genius to make a machine like that. Even some of the things Jeff makes aren't equivelent to this almighty machine.

Or maybe being the bully that he is, took the Frankystein from a really smart kid, claiming it as his own creation. I'll let you decide.

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