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Earthbound's Reality Problems - by Panama Jack

Earthbound's Reality Problems

What is up with Earthbound's houses? Most of them are one roomed bungalows with funky-looking wallpaper and carpeting. Sure, you have your occaisional two story house with a few rooms(like Ness' house or Pokey's), but that is a rare exception. How do these people live without a kitchen, a bedroom, or as Krazy Kow said in her article, a bathroom. It just doesn't make sense. Also, you must see about ten or twenty cars throughout the course of the game yet there isn't even one garage or driveway to be seen. Even places like the boarding school have their own faults. There are no classrooms(even though its a school) and there is no cafeteria or kitchen.

The town set-up also has its own problems. Out of all the towns only Onett has a police station and none of the towns have fire departments. If you ask me, one pyromaniac could take down all of Eagleland's civilization. Also, there are no public schools in any of the towns(although my brother says that the building beside the Onett library is a school)and the fact that the only food you can get in most towns is bread, coffee and hamburgers really blows my mind. Not that I dislike hamburgers and bread but I crave VARIETY.

One last thing that I find confusing is why all the towns are boxed in on all sides by forests. This is a serious problem because there is no airport in Eagleland and since I didn't see any fields of crops nearby, the populaus must be really short on vegetables(and sick of hamburgers and bread). With the lack of imported and exported foods and equipment, Eagleland must be a very poor place.

Then again, everyone there lives in one-room houses anyway.

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