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Short Article - by SimonBob

Short Article

I wanted to get two things off my chest.

#1: I've been laced with female hormones. That's why I occasionally turn into "PaulaBob" on #earthbound. Now that that's "off my chest..."

#2: A lot of articles are about the community, or how people feel when playing EB. This is good, but I personally wouldn't mind seeing more articles about the ideas and philosophies behind EB. Maybe that's just because I really liked my last (and first) article about religion. Whatever.

(P.S. Thing #1 was just a throwaway joke to make sure this article was a half-decent length. But I was doing lame stuff like turning into "PaulaBob" and "d00dBob" on #earthbound and wanted to give myself an excuse to stop doing it. It's really lame to pretend to be someone else. Be yourself. Peace.)

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