This directory contains only submissions made through the old CMS submissions page, and nothing that was entered via forum post. Such forum posts are not searchable here, but ought to be able to be found with the forum search.


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Ostricho Duster's Limp Theory
My idea of how Duster got that limp of his.
10/25/11 0.00
Ostricho My Theory
This is what I think Porky did between the events of Earthbound and Mother 3.
11/24/11 0.00
Ostricho Mr. Saturn Theory
My theory of the connection of the two villages of Mr. Saturns
1/16/12 0.00
Ostricho Cops Beat Up Ness- Theory
A wacky theory.
3/29/12 0.00
Ostricho Runaway Five Theory
Theory about the Runaway Five.
4/5/12 0.00
Ostricho Theory 4/13
A theory on Stonehenge.
4/13/12 0.00
Ostricho Theory
My theory for 4/30
4/30/12 0.00
Ostricho Andonut's Breathtakingly Stupid Adventure
Dr. Andonuts and Big Foot go on a wonderfully dumb journey.
6/13/12 0.00
Ostricho THeory
Another "magical" theory
6/24/12 0.00
Ostricho The Sad Tale of the Slot Brothers
This covers the prompt, and goes a little further. I decided to take a more serious approach to the theories contest this week to see how it went.
7/2/12 0.00
Ostricho Dalaam Theory
Ostricho's return to the Theories section... let's see how it goes!
5/26/12 0.00
Ostricho Gone to Crap
I'm going to be away, so I'm not going to how this will turn out in the contest...
I hate suspense...
7/16/12 0.00
Ostricho Classroom Blues
Plunkin' this one out on my 3DS, at Green Bay
7/25/12 0.00
Ostricho Tessie Theory 2/10/14
A theory on why Tessie never revealed herself to the researchers alone...
2/10/14 0.00
Ostricho Mr. Neptune
Under house arrest.
This submission is a bit tame. I want others to get wins now so they too can enjoy the octo-badge.
3/17/14 0.00
Ostricho Theory of the Monkeys
A theory involving monkeys.
(I accidentally submitted an incomplete version- please disregard it.)
3/24/14 0.00
Ostricho The Photo Man
What's the deal with the Photo Man? Why does he do the things he does?
4/20/14 0.00
onakagapekopekodesu Monkeys in the Desert
My theory on why there are monkeys in the desert in Mother and Mother 2.
11/16/11 0.00
onakagapekopekodesu Theory of the Two Magicant's
My theory on the link between Mother Magicant and Mother 2 Magicant.
1/4/12 0.00



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