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firej7 How exactly did Duster get that limp?
Here I'll explain a possible explanation to the limp of Duster.
10/22/11 0.00
firej7 Liar X. Aggerate...or is he?
Resurecting the questions left to die in the ashes, Pheen-X becomes theorists that rises the ashes in a gloryfilled flame. This week, Liar X. Aggerate...or is he?
10/26/11 0.00
firej7 DCMC Formation Theory
This theory took a lot of thought...and a help from an old friend of mine.
11/2/11 0.00
firej7 Ness's Fathers "Job"
Ever curious where Ness's dad works, and how he's able to transfer it to Ness's ATM arccount, well, Pheen-X tries to explain it all.
11/10/11 0.00
firej7 Pokey...that Monster!
Ever wondered what Pokey did during Mother 2 to Mother 3...well, no one said it was friendly
11/26/11 0.00
firej7 Tazmi-holi-days
Ah Tazmilly village, so peaceful, so loving, so...celebratory.
12/5/11 0.00
firej7 What are Starmen?
Ah Starmen, a highly popular enemy in the game of Earthboun...though not much is said about them. Would you believe, that we see more of them than what is to be believed?
12/12/11 0.00
firej7 The Gifted Gift Man
Most know (sorta) who the Gift Man is, flying from the moon with in his kangaroo guided bathtub. But, what's his story, and how did he come to be The Gift Man. All I can say, is let's give this a shot.
12/18/11 0.00
firej7 How the Underworld got lost.
There's a hole in the bottom of the ground, and it takes getting lost to a new definition.
1/4/12 0.00
firej7 Magicant...S?
Every dream of a grand land all your own? Of course you have, but you have been known to have strange dreams, that is...unless that land was Magicant.
1/9/12 0.00
firej7 Mr. Saturn of times
BoInG, ZoOm, dAkOtA, quite possibly the most popular character of ANY game, Mr. Saturn. So, we even see them in the future, but are they related?
1/17/12 0.00
firej7 Coming to a Store Before You
The Scarabians vs. Giygas? You're kidding ri-OHH, I get the confusion.
1/22/12 0.00
firej7 Chillin with the Chiller
We'll be comin round the moutain when we come! My butt will freeze onto this fridge when we come! I think I'm sitting on the chiller, man this wind chill is a killer, but we're riding on a fridger when we come!
1/31/12 0.00
firej7 One Attractive Hill
Talking to museum workers, traveling through the sewers, fighting rats, roaches and trash, and taking on the doom plauge itself. All leading up to Magnent Hill. Yet, isn't it strange how a huge hunk of pointy metal makes into a sanctuary? Well, leave it to Pheen-X to come up with the answer!
2/14/12 0.00
firej7 Deep in the Wool
There are many enemies in the world of Earthbound, each having an interesting story towards them. Since things are finally starting to chill down, Pheen-X is goin to take on the Wooly Shambler.
2/20/12 0.00
firej7 Franky Tanky
Our first real big enemy, the Frankystein Mk.II. Yet, doesn't it seem kinda...weird how a gang boss has a giant, mecha-tank on his side? Well, PheenX and Amp are here to delve in and see what makes both Franky and his mech tick.
3/20/12 0.00
firej7 The Doctor's Ransom
Andonuts, father of Jeff, and grand scientist for the good. So then, why dare he help the evil Porky? Well, I think there's a good answer to every question.
6/10/12 0.00
firej7 The Gift of Enemies
Present, Present, everyone loves a present, even your enemies. Yet still seems kinda unusual how they carry them around in battle. Seems another theory for The Pheen-X to solve.
8/30/12 0.00
firej7 Tessie, to see see
The sight of the sea, and the large purple creature eminating from it. That creature is Tessie, and this is her story.
9/28/12 0.00
firej7 The NegaMystery
He's down on himself. He's always sorry. He does 1HP of damage. It, Is, Negative Man.
10/3/12 0.00
fed306 Ness' Dad = Itoi
Conspiracy theory? Sorta...
11/15/11 0.00
Faolan Men of Stars
A theory of these mysterious beings.
12/8/11 0.00



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