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What does Even Slimier Little Pile look like?

Even Slimier Little Pile

What are Even Slimier Little Pile's stats?

Offense: 103 Hit Points: 326 HP
Defense: 101 PSI Points: 0 PP
Speed: 22 Type: Normal
Guts: 9 Initial Status: Normal

What are Even Slimier Little Pile's strengths and weaknesses?

PSI Fire: 75% damage PSI Flash: 50% chance of success
PSI Freeze: 75% damage Paralysis: 99% chance of success
Brainshock: 10% chance of success
Hypnosis: 50% chance of success

What actions can Even Slimier Little Pile perform?

1. Bash
Low-level attack
2. Call for help (Even Slimier Little Pile)
Summon an ally to the battle
3. Spit out a sticky mucus
Target becomes immobilized
4. Exhale a blast of stinky breath
Target starts crying

How do I defeat Even Slimier Little Pile?

The Even Slimier Little Pile is a very annoying enemy for two reasons: it can make everyone in your party cry, and it can call for another Even Slimier Little Pile. Thus, by the time you kill it with the atrocious accuracy that crying gives you, it's likely that you'll be fighting several more. On the positive side, they don't do much damage to you, so once you finally defeat them all, you will get a good amount of experience.

If the Even Slimier Little Pile is with other enemies, use PSI to kill them off so they aren't doing any damage to you. Then bash the Even Slimier Little Pile until you start crying.

Once you start crying, you have two options: use PSI Fire or Freeze and end the battle quickly, or conserve PP and use your now (temporarily inaccurate) standard attacks. The latter may be preferable to conserve PP, but be prepared for a long battle. Keep attacking a single Even Slimier Little Pile until it dies, and if another one has joined the battle by this time, attack it. Use PSI only for Lifeup. Using Healing β to cure the crying is probably a waste of PP, as it is likely that you will start crying again before you can get in enough hits to kill the Even Slimier Little Pile.

What do I get for defeating Even Slimier Little Pile?

Experience: 15075 exp Money: $579
Item: Multi bottle rocket (4/128 probability)

Where can I find Even Slimier Little Pile?

Places where this enemy spawns:
Throughout swampDeep Darkness



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