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Ostricho THeory
Another "magical" theory
6/24/12 0.00
firej7 The Doctor's Ransom
Andonuts, father of Jeff, and grand scientist for the good. So then, why dare he help the evil Porky? Well, I think there's a good answer to every question.
6/10/12 0.00
Emily The Power of Literature
An theory explaining the propensity of various creatures to carry unusual gifts.
9/5/12 0.00
PastorOfMuppets Why can the Struttin' Evil Mushroom... well, strut?
An off-the-top-of-my-head theory for the mobility of Earthbound's swagginest fungus.
3/10/12 0.00
TheLonechallenger How did all of the gift boxes get scattered all over the world?
An incredibly confusing theory on how all the present boxes got scattered throughout the world. By TheLonechallenger
6/30/13 0.00
MrNameless Magic Cake - Its Composition and Effects
An examination of Magic Cake - just what is it?
6/19/12 0.00
firej7 What are Starmen?
Ah Starmen, a highly popular enemy in the game of Earthboun...though not much is said about them. Would you believe, that we see more of them than what is to be believed?
12/12/11 0.00
Ostricho Cops Beat Up Ness- Theory
A wacky theory.
3/29/12 0.00
3TripDDD Magicant: The Prequel
A therory on what Magicant is and how it is created.
10/24/12 0.00
Ostricho Tessie Theory 2/10/14
A theory on why Tessie never revealed herself to the researchers alone...
2/10/14 0.00
SBaby The Photo Man
A theory on who the Photo Man is, how he knows where Ness and his friends are all the time, and what he is trying to do.
5/2/14 0.00
AmateurGamer Magnet Hill Theory
A theory on the history of Magnet Hill, the fifth "Your Sanctuary Location in EB.
2/9/12 0.00
Ostricho Theory 4/13
A theory on Stonehenge.
4/13/12 0.00
Amstrauz How Pokey Arrived at the Nowhere Islands
A theory on Pokey's choices before arriving at the Nowhere Islands.
11/24/11 0.00
Faolan Men of Stars
A theory of these mysterious beings.
12/8/11 0.00
Emily The Hill That Lies Built
A theory of Liar X. Aggerate and how he came to live on a hill.
11/1/11 8.00
Ostricho Theory of the Monkeys
A theory involving monkeys.
(I accidentally submitted an incomplete version- please disregard it.)
3/24/14 0.00
AmateurGamer Scaraba Pyramid Theory
A theory explaining the hieroglyphs about the ancient people of Scaaraba and their first encounter with Giegue's race.
1/25/12 0.00
METC Sword of Kings?
a theory about why the starman super has the sword of kings
3/7/12 0.00
Shadow542 The Restrooms of Onett
A theory about the restroms in Earthbound!
7/13/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Wooly Shambler
A story of mythical, Matryoshka doll-like creatures, and an optometry appointment.
2/15/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Frankystein Theory
A somewhat far-fatched theory concerning the history of Frankystein and Frank's purpose for inventing it...
3/20/12 0.00
AmateurGamer PSI: The Theory of Relativity
A silly little story to describe what it might be like if Ness's Mom had PSI, and how she would discover her powers!
5/16/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Tessie Theory
A report by the incredibly-famous Dr. Andonuts
2/21/14 0.00
ilikepie21k 3 Years of Hell
A possible theory of how Andonuts worked for Porky during Mother 3
6/10/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory
A philosophical insight into Brickroad's psyche
6/19/13 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: What are the hieroglyphs about?
A look at dem craaaaaaaazy aliens.
1/18/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Orange Kid
A documentary of an important member of modern society.
8/14/12 0.00
PSI Dreamer Starmen= Starmen
A crazy story
9/20/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theory: Magnet Hill
A civilization cannot prosper without fish feed.
2/9/12 0.00
AmateurGamer Apple and Orange Kid Theory
A breath-taking tale of woe, envy, betrayal, and money lust... Hey, at least there's no romance!
7/30/12 0.00
BB Gang Zombie Theories: Sesame Seed
A ballad.
2/24/14 0.00



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