Hacking Utilities:

Welcome all! On this page you will find many of the key programs used for hacking all games in the EarthBound series. Along with the latest versions of PK Hack and CoilSnake, you will also find links to websites where you can download Super Nintendo emulators and other nifty tools such as the EarthBound Music Editor and PSI Animation Editor.

If you find a problem with any of these programs, please send a message on the forums to their respective creators. Keep in mind that some of these programs, such as the Music Editor, are no longer being worked on or the creators don't show their faces often, so chances are your question may go unanswered. If you need to contact someone ASAP, your best bet is to join us on the #pkhax IRC channel on the Thinstack IRC server.

All-In-One Editing Suites:

CoilSnake (Recommended!)

version 1.3
Author: Mr. TendaOfficial Forum Topic

CoilSnake is a new data extraction/insertion utility for EarthBound written in Python. As its description would imply, CoilSnake can extract and insert data from the EarthBound ROM, such as images and table data. CoilSnake avoids PK Hack's data overwriting by just taking the data out of the ROM. You can then edit this data with your favorite text and image editors. When done, you can import the data back into the ROM. CoilSnake automatically takes care of sorting the new data through the ROM and changing pointers to refer to the new data. This basically allows for bigger, yet cleaner modifications to the EarthBound ROM, and it’s all neatly placed in a project folder. Be sure to check out the Tutorials section below for information on just how to use this thing.

In order to do any tile and map editing with CoilSnake, you will also need to download EbProjEdit version 1.3.1.

PK Hack

version 0.5.14 • 898 KB compressed • .zip

Author: AnyoneEBOfficial Forum Topic

PK Hack was the premier EarthBound hacking utility available anywhere. This tool, written in Java, allows you to edit almost all data available in the EarthBound ROM. The problem with the tool, sadly, is that it is highly unstable and most of its usefulness has been outdone by CoilSnake, which we recommend you use. PK Hack isn't entirely useless, however: CoilSnake does not have labels for many of its arguments. (such as battle actions, music, and other such things) PK Hack does, so use PK Hack in conjunction with CoilSnake to figure out which arguments correlate to which actions, music, and such.


SNES Emulators:

In order to run the EarthBound ROM, you'll need an emulation program that simulates the hardware in an SNES console. Because the programmers of said programs are always updating them, and we're too lazy to host all of the ports they've made, here are some links to the ones we reccommend.

zSNES (Recommended!)

For various reasons, zSNES is the preferred emulator of many PK Hackers.


The jury's still out on which is better, SNES9X or zSNES. More than anything it's a matter of what you tried first, and what you're used to. Try it out if you're feeling adventurous and what to see what works for you best.

Geiger's SNES9X Debugger (Recommended for ASM hacking!)

Geiger's SNES9X Debugger is basically SNES9X with an added debugging program. If you are doing some in-depth ASM hacking and need to figure out how things work in-game, then you'll DEFINITELY need to use this emulator.

Other Useful Tools:

EarthBound Music Editor

version 2.01 • 31 KB compressed • .zip

Author: GoplatOfficial Forum Topic

"Whoa wait, what the hey is this? A music editor for EarthBound? Surely you jest?" That may be what you're thinking right now, but we assure you, this is reality. This little program will allow you to edit the music files in EarthBound. It's a bit complicated to use, however, but maybe some day one lucky PK Hacker will write up a music editor tutorial...? ;D

PSI Animation Editor

version • 68 KB compressed • .zip

Author: JeffMan

The PSI Animation editor is a fun tool that allows you to edit most of the PSI Animations in Earthbound. You can really make whatever you want - there's endless possibilities with full arrangement editing. The program will only support ROMs that have been expanded to 4 MB, not 6 MB or the original ROM.

EarthBound Save State Editor

version 3.1 • 629 KB • .exe

Author: Unknown

The EB Save State Editor is a handy tool that allows you to open and modify the save states created by the ZSNES emulator. Change names, stats, items, and toggle event flags at will! Also supports custom event-flag descriptions for assisting in debugging the event flow of your hacks. There are a lot of hidden easter eggs stashed away in this program too, so look hard enough and you might find something amusing.

Editing Tools for Mother 1 and Mother 3:

Wait, what's this? Editing tools for Mother 3 and Mother 1? You can't be serious! Well mysterious disembodied voice, yes, we are completely 100% serious about 50% of the time, and you can bet that this time we are 100% serious. Although editing of Mother/Earthbound Zero is fairly limited due to lack of interest, and Mother 3 editing is severely limited by just how dense and tightly-woven the ROM is, it's entirely possible to get your editing on with these fabulous tools:


version 1.0 • 84 KB compressed • .zip

Author: uyuyuy99Official Forum Topic

The brainchild of forum user uyuyuy99, BBHack is the PK Hack community's second attempt at creating a PK Hack program for EarthBound Zero. As of right now, it only serves as a map and tile editor, but uyuyuy99 eventually plans on expanding into other realms, such as graphics editing and text editing. In order to run BBHack, you will need the latest version of Java and an EarthBound Zero ROM.

MOTHER 3 Funland

version • 247 KB • .exe

Author: JeffManOfficial Forum Topic

MOTHER 3 Funland can best be described as "PK Hack for MOTHER 3." This handy tool allows you to edit the essentials of MOTHER 3: level up experience, items, shops, enemies, PSI, battle backgrounds, battleswirls, town maps, and character names. Sadly, due to the structure of the MOTHER 3 ROM, maps, enemy sprites, the script, and descriptions of items, enemies, and skills cannot be edited, and likely never will be in the near future. You can, however, view maps and text using this tool. Overworld sprite editing must be done using the standalone sprite editor below.

MOTHER 3 Sprite Editor

version 0.1α • 145 KB • .exe

Author: JeffManOfficial Forum Topic

This was the first-ever MOTHER 3 hacking tool released to the public. This tool allows you to edit every single overworld sprite in the game, allowing you to create entirely new characters and insert them into the game.

MOTHER 1+2 Tools

259 KB compressed • .zip

Author: TomatoOfficial Website (hosted by EarthBound Central)

This nifty little package was released around the same time when Tomato released his translation patch for the MOTHER 1 portion of MOTHER 1+2. These tools, when used in conjunction with the MOTHER 1+2 translation, will allow you to edit the text of the MOTHER 1 half of the game, allowing you to create your own text hacks!

PK Hack Zero

version 0.2 • 72 KB • .exe

Author: JeffMan

A hidden gem of the PK Hack community's infancy, this program allows you to edit various details in the Earthbound Zero ROM. However, it is severely limited in its capacity. Still, if you're interested in looking at random numbers and data, then this is the tool for you. Don't bother JeffMan about it though. He hasn't updated it in EIGHT years! :O

Earthbound Zero Text Editor

9 KB compressed • .zip

Author: n42

A long-lost gem created by n42, this little program allows you to edit the text of the Earthbound Zero ROM, if for whatever reason you prefer not to use Tomato's Mother 1+2 Tools. The text editor operates in a similar manner to PK Hack's text editor.

Earthbound Zero Pointer Calculator

Author: vince94

A program to calculate EarthBound Zero pointers, making text editing a lot easier.



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