Save States:

Here's a couple useful savestates for you enterpreneur-type ROM Hackers!

Debug Savestates:

Kirby Debug Menu - An odd debug menu which is the mother of all others. Has potential to test weird things like sounds and map.
Secondary Debug Menu - An in-game debug menu with the abilities to test misc. events, change flags, test the Coffee scene, etc.
Main Game Debug Menu - An in-game menu which was the first debug menu found in EB. With it, you can change your stats, weapons, characters, etc. It's highly recommended that you use this patch to translate the menu first.

Misc. Savestates:

Pumped Up Stats - A savestate where all characters have 160 on all stats and the best equipment at level 50 with 999 HP and PP. Starts in Ness's bedroom.

How to use savestates:

To use a savestate, get the ZSNES emulator and rename the savestate you want to use the same name as the ROM and in the same directory. After that, you can hit F3 to choose a savestate and F4 to load.

Want to Submit?:

Well, dude. There really aren't many save states here right now, and I highly doubt there ever were. If you have an interesting or cool savestate for a hack or a unique, helpful situation in EB, send it vaguely in our general direction and we'll be on it like a pack of rabid cheetahs on ice. Until then, I am Batman.



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