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ColinBound: Infina's Invasion:

By DarkUmbreon
(606 KB, .zip compressed)

ColinBound is sort of like JonBound's steroid-abusing cousin. It is a heavily-hacked version of EarthBound -- almost all of the plot and text was changed, and there is also an abundance of new enemies, places, events, and other such cool stuff. This isn't your momma's EarthBound script rewrite!

JonBound: Dark Future:

By Blue Antoid
(155 KB, .zip compressed)

JonBound: Dark Future is one of the first full-length EarthBound hacks released. While simplistic by today's standards, JonBound was done before the days of map and compressed graphics editing and was revolutionary for its time. It was also pretty much made up on the spot, with no real plan - just an accumulation of random ideas and plot threads gleaned from a forum topic, and tied together with minty dental floss. It generally follows the EarthBound story line (if not the plot) in a new scenario with new characters and enemies.

The Rat Race:

By The Author
(4.5 MB, .zip compressed)

The Rat Race is, as The Author puts it, "EarthBound for girls." It's basically EarthBound, but from a distinctly Western female point-of-view as opposed to a 50-year-old Japanese copy-writer's point-of-view. The story, text, and some of the graphics have been changed. Be sure to check it out! Please keep in mind that our download contains four separate patches. The one you use is dependent on whether or not your ROM is headered. Be sure to read the included readme file!



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