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Need some pointers? Well, this page's got documentation on those!* The documentation section is full of salibrious courses you can take to learn how graphics compression works*, how to hack hotspots, ASM routine addresses, and many other delicious knowledge cakes. If one's looking for specifics, however, or just wants a small tidbit of information for their mind to snack on for a little while, this section's still got you covered. But enough talk! Check it out.

*I'm just kidding. I dunno where those are.

Check it out::

We don't have any documentation packs right now, but there's a plethora of awesome normal documentation of stuff tucked away in the EB ROM for you to poke at.

HOLY WOWBURGERS! CHECK IT OUT! Control Code Documentation!

Control Code Lexicon Topic - Check this out for all your control code needs.
Control Code Lexicon - This is the actual lexicon for people just looking for that.
Really Old Control Code Chrestomathy - It's old, but it's pretty. And it works really well, too. Check it out at least once. (If this page ever breaks, tell me.)
Really Old Full Control Code Chrestomathy Outdated ++ - It's old and double-outdated, but it's one file you can download that doesn't look ugly. So get it. (If this page breaks, tell me.)
Status Affliction Control Code Arguments - If you want to inflict status ailments via text. OLD.
[1C 13 XX YY] Battle Animation Arguments - Want to make battle animations appear for no reason but don't know which? Use this to find out.
[1F 1A/1F 1C] Image Generation Documentation - If you want hearts or stuff to float over your dudes during conversations, check out this file.

Other documentation:

The "Documentation Pack" - What the hey is this? It's a zip of a bunch of old documentation. It's kinda useful.
EarthBound Range - Range of all data in the ROM, along with links to assorted files. This is where you should start if you're an experienced person looking for total mastery of the game.
Flag Crusade - Incomplete listing of all the flags, but still good if you want to check if a flag you're using doesn't ruin your game! Dumb Buzz Buzz. (Thanks Artemis251!)
Music and Sound Effect Listing - For the [1F 02 XX] code and [1F 00 00 XX] code, so you can tell what sounds and music are what. Nifty.
Store Text Documentation - This is documentation of the store text pointers, etc. It's still useful. Seriously.

Tutorials, what:

Hi. There aren't very many tutorials right now, but hopefully that'll change if you submit to the section in the future. As of now, all I have is about three "tutorials" that I made in early 2005. Yikes.


Prototype's Catch-All PK Hack Tutorial - A fabulously amazing tutorial for PK Hack. It's still a WIP, but when it's done it will be MASSIVE.
Hack Storywriting 101 by Blue Antoid - Old tutorial, everything there still stands. Read it now!
Gau's 'Your First Hack' Control Code Tutorial - An old tutorial which is pretty darn sweet for beginners. Check it out.
Food Items Tutorial - An old Radiation tutorial. It still works, if you're new at hacking, it's pretty useful...
Making Bosses Tutorial - An old Radiation tutorial. It still works, if you're new at hacking, it's pretty useful...
Third Character Usage - Less of a tutorial and more of a list of uses for the third character if you have a mind block. Go ahead and steal them, although keep in mind I wrote those back when I made fun of NLA all the time and was still making the ill-fated PKHack Movie.
Advanced Map Editing - A newish tutorial by HyperBound. Explains how to do advanced map editing; mainly adding or re-arranging map graphics.


I know you dudes are disappointed in the lack of information on this page, but your good old pal Radiation forgot where all of it was. Something you need, want, or remember from the old page? Send Radiation a PM on the forums and he'll be on it in one or more jiffies. His screenname is "Radiation". Might want to write it down. It's a little complicated.



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