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Blue Magic Hack:

By Hyperbound, Michael_Cayer
(634 bytes, .ips patch)

This awesome hack makes it so that PSI is learned by having the enemy use it on you, instead of learning it through levelling up, just like the Blue Mage class in the Final Fantasy series.

CD Player Hack:

By beelzebub06660
(43.7 KB, .zip compressed)

This patch adds a "CD Player" item to your inventory, giving you access to a Sound Test.

EarthBound ++:

By Rufus
(Version 0.9, 5 KB, .ips patch)

EarthBound ++ is a patch that greatly expands the capabilities of the EarthBound ROM. EarthBound ++ increases the amount of event flags from 1,024 to a whopping 12,000 (!!), and it adds 100 new arithmetic control codes allowing for hot, steamy math action. Basically, it's a mega expansion pack for the EarthBound ROM. Sadly, EB++ has severe compatibility issues with map editing and possibly other unresolved issues. This patch is not recommended for hacks that require map editing!

EarthBound New Game ++:

By Tomato, Michael_Cayer
(2.58 KB, .zip compressed) - 24 Megabits

Taking a page from Chrono Trigger, this patch allows you - upon finishing the game - to start from the beginning with all of your items, stats, and PSI intact! In this enhanced version, all events are reset, eliminating the event-glitch problems in the original. As a result, however, you will not be able to Teleport to places you have not been yet. Even with this limitation, you'll be able to cut a swath through your enemies quicker than ever before.

Party Selector:

By Gaia Dragon
(88.9 KB, .ips patch)

This nifty little hack adds the option to add and remove party members from your party via use of an item. Want to do a solo Jeff run? No problem! Ever wanted to have King run with you through Twoson? You can do that too! The patch also changes some of the NPC character stats to make them stronger. Just be sure not to remove everyone from the party, or else your ROM will explode like a fat kid at an all-you can eat buffet.

Run Button Hack:

By Flynman
(170 KB, .ips patch)

Documentation: See this hack in action

This hack turns the otherwise-useless Y button into a "Run" button, much akin to the "Run" button found in EarthBound Zero. By holding down the Y button, your character will be able to run instead of walk. This effect is pretty much like using a Skip Sandwich, except you can use it whenever.

Teddy Bear Hack:

By XX Stone
(208 KB, .ips patch)

This patch turns those cute little Teddy Bears that absorb attacks for you into killing machines! Ever wondered if a teddy bear could fire explosive projectiles? Play this patch and you'll find out! :>

XX Stone's EB Enemies Patch:

By XX Stone
(600 KB, .ips patch)

This nifty little patch changes almost every single enemy in EarthBound in some way -- by turning them into Starmen.netters! Be sure to check it out!



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