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Bozo's Levelling Challenge:

By Captain Bozo
(5.5 KB, .ips patch)

This innovative little EarthBound hack makes it so that you only need 1 EXP to level up, and each enemy gives you 1 EXP upon death. If you reach level 99, the game ends. The goal of the game is to see how far you can go before reaching level 99, obviously. Can you beat EarthBound before reaching level 99?

EarthBound Battler:

(5.57 KB, .zip compressed) - 24 Megabits

This classic hack matches you up gladiator-style against a slew of EarthBoundy opponents. It's an enjoyable new twist on our old favorite. It may seem dated now, but at the time it was made, it was one of the most innovative hacks ever made. Watch out for ROFISH, too - he'll put the hurt on you!


By Rufus
(23.4 KB, .zip compressed)

Hack cannot be described with words. Hack must be experienced.


By Mr. Accident
(18.4 KB, .ips patch) - 48 Megabits

This hack serves as a tech demo for Mr. Accident's CCScript program and Rufus' EB ++ hack. ZorkBound is a text-based adventure similar to Sierra games such as King's Quest. In this game, you are locked in a mansion and must find a way out. This amazing little text adventure is very neat and is an outstanding accomplishment, so please try it out!



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