Plo's HARD Trivia:

Plo's HARD Trivia

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Current question:
Merging between the gap of space,
learning its path; charring its face.



Previous Trivia Questions:

  • Burning or freezing, with cackles of frustration, a night reclaimed and later days, self condemnation.
  • Who cannot extant; a specialist of sundry. Giver of the world, feeder of the unhungry.
  • decaf mid ton spots nametag gums
  • A link to your patronage; an enabler of burdens.
  • He speaks of your prideful failures; a lost life lost.
  • Without known origin, often under those without known form.
  • Although quiet, it adorns among glass.
  • Under flashes of undecorated service, it may take more than just your life.
  • In its own twisted ways, needs a drink.
  • Although nonexistent and without destruction, he would have big shoes to fill
  • Particles of bloodshot negative.
  • Although not holding rank, this strong man treads fine rocks.
  • Guarded by many, known by all, haunting pierced darkness, handling garbage in lightfall.
  • Amongst all his brothers with earth shattering spears held high, no arms shall be taken up.
  • Although warm hearted, its rudeness leaves you cold.
  • Through a spent decade's temporal yield of inception, the end generation of warriors is summoned forth to battle their greatest enemies.
  • Beyond your comprehension and beyond this world, trapped within unseen walls.
  • It may be the third strongest of its kind, but it's still beaming with reeling attacks
  • The blazing heat, the burning feet, the dripping face, the wild chase
  • The youthful irritation on this aged performer of festivities becomes irksome
  • The unruly earthbound goddess shines brightly
  • Inversed spectrum blue, rivaled by the shoe
  • Careful with money, and punctual with time, even though appearance suggests otherwise.
  • 140 degrees of noxiousness
  • Evil gives Pokey mirth, but this probably gave him girth
  • Just beyond the fallen, and just before the fall, profit is to be made, by the subterranean hall
  • Ruffini's deceptive petulant latrine
  • A strange animate, it plays a song, given by force, and follows along
  • Up and down, left and right, alive with chime, or death by time
  • It forms a guise, or at least it tries, an uncontrollable, gasping surprise
  • The upper crust of the heated up coffee cup holder
  • This artifice abnormality of atrophied appearance uses the same word for alliteration
  • This primary punk sends out yellow greetings
  • Spinning in place, striking above a pole, it may not be 100%, but almost 100 in the hole
  • The texture myth of snakes is true and substandard to this
  • This diseased thing makes a lot of noise, but would never sink low
  • To freeze with from the frozen. Not cold, not ice, not alive
  • Giving off a blast in waves, it hits you with effects that stays
  • Though they have under engineered weapons of little worth, these proto-lithic beings still might cream you
  • This fast wonderful thing is number 2 for being a number 1
  • This carnal creature will sicken you to your grave
  • To go beyond diffident, and become loquacious
  • This twisted thing will still make a huge crunch if it's only 1 year old
  • This small senior is not what Ness holds close to him
  • The cylindrical blockades in the land below, force you into the wasteland
  • The plural form of a stag, though not literally. It has a sinking tune to it.
  • Beyond the corners of the mind, lies the power of the Earth, the source of salvation, and the coming of evil
  • This rived monstrosity will rive you well if you canvass the trove
  • Feasible to the rich, quixotic to the poor, and very asinine to the concerted, where the evil ageless one lurks
  • More than a little of Scaraba's ground, this semi cylindrical question will take you for-ev-er....for-ev-er....for-ev-er....
  • Reverse ascending numbers aggravate the ignorance of the countersign
  • The passed vague time of a decade

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